I know how to differentiate between excellence and perfection
Excellence, i can reach for
Perfection is gods business

Friday, December 31, 2010


A binary number 01 changing to 10 is a small change which means its decimal equivalent 1 changed to 2.
But when it comes to a calender, this change refers to a decade change, it means a change from 2001 to 2010.
This decade brought with it a lot of changes, and for most of the people in our age group, it will be the best decade we have had till date in our lives.
We started this decade as school going children in the year 2001, and moved on to working adults in 2010. Some of us got married, and some of the married have kids.
We completed our schooling in this decade. We entered college and had all the fun we could have. Activities like the exams, the supplys, the love affairs, the gossips, the fights, bunking classes and moments like waiting for your result for the semester or a cultural competetion that you have been a part of, are ones that you have gone through in this decade.
The bonds of friendship we had during these 10 years are ones, which will last for our life time.
In this decade, most of us got our first job (some of us put our first resignation :P) and got our first appraisal. We learned a lot in this decade. We today are professionals making our own living.
This is a decade which you will always wish to live again. You would want to enjoy each and every moment that has gone by and probably will never come back.
This was a decade, about which when we think later in our lifes, we will have a smile on our face and say that it indeed was the best decade of our life!
Adieu 2010 and along with it, the most happening decade in our lifes (yet).
The next year is 2011 where the last two digits in binary represent the decimal number 3 :). We can step into this with a lesson learnt to enjoy each moment as much as you can, because these are precious moments and will never come back.
With the hope that 2011 will be full of fun and the decade following it will match upto (if not better) the decade that has gone by.